Starting a hair extensions business involves a lot of moving pieces. We had our listeners send in their hair business questions so we could give them the best advice possible.

Selling wigs and hair extensions can be highly profitable if done correctly!

Zakiyrah & Mikey answer your favorite questions about starting a hair business, marketing, calculating delivered costs, how to price your hair extensions, and so much more!

The first real key to success is to have the right information about entrepreneurship, finances, and marketing concepts to grow your hair company. Learn from the experts at Private Label Extensions which has helped more hair entrepreneurs start their hair business since 2016 than any other company in the world.

Do you have a question about how to start a hair business? Make sure to leave it in the comments below!



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Hair Biz Radio is the #1 podcast for starting, marketing, and running your hair business.

The team at Private Label Extensions has helped thousands get started in the hair industry with their Wholesale, Branding, and Dropshipping Services.

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