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Episode 9 Summary
Zakiyrah and Mikey take the time in episode nine to express tips and tools best used for successful marketing strategies in the hair industry. They delve into the importance of hair business women and men to run Facebook ads, collecting emails, running tests to be sure advertising techniques are working, paying attention to marketing podcasts and making promotional and tutorial hair business YouTube videos that people will quickly share.
Zakiyrah and Mikey let listeners know that Instagram now lets users tag products in their business pages and the benefits of using Moz.com for search engine optimization to create web traffic, and Canva for business cards and price lists.
Show Notes

Zakiyrah and Mikey give an overview of today’s show: Marketing Techniques
They discuss their week: collecting emails, running Facebook ads, running tests, listening to marketing podcasts, YouTube marketing

Zakiyrah announces the new pricelists, using Canva for business cards and price lists.

Instagram letting users tag products in their business page – requires Facebook page connected to Instagram, shop tab activated in Facebook and add products, photos 800×800 size
How to start at the lowest price
Sync products and make them clickable to your website
Marketing tips: Consistently post, use the proper hashtags, like and respond to what other people share, video posting about hair education, avoid overselling with posts
Video vs. Photo Ads
With marketing, you have to test stuff to see what works, let Facebook ad run for 2 weeks, no more than $20 a day with 6 different images
Cross marketing for hair brands, tap into their audience, partnerships, and referrals
Learn how to building genuine and authentic relationships
Social proof of buys your product with client selfies
Your website is never going to be done, importance of analytics,
Blogs and domain authority ratings
Moz.com for search engine optimization
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Closing summary

3 Key Points

Instagram letting users tag products on their business page
Test your Facebook ads and use video ads.
Cross promote with others in your industry.

Tweetable Quotes
“Instagram is now allowing you to tag products on your business page.” – Mikey.
“Be consistent. So if you are posting daily using the proper hashtags.” – Zakiyrah
“Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% content, 20% sales.” –Zakiyrah.
Resources Mentioned
Canva – business branding tools
@Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
Zakiyrahficklin.com – Her 20 Somethings Book
Moz.com – search engine optimization
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