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Episode 7 Summary:
On this episode of Hair Biz Radio Mikey and Zakiyrah cover email marketing. Email marketing is the most under-utilized marketing technique in the hair business. While social media is important, you still need to be able to reach your clientele.
Show Notes:

If you want to be successful in any industry, you have to go into things asking yourself if you’re doing things the best you can.
People in the hair industry don’t like to share information, so Mikey and Zakiyrah are making education videos to fill that gap.

You’re going to get to where you’re going to get to, regardless of who you share your information with.

Email marketing platforms:

Private Label Extensions has used several different email marketing platforms:

Formerly used Constant Contact
Recently used MailChimp
MailChimp uses a freemium model, you only have to pay once you’re over 2,000 subscribers.
You can add people directly to your mailing list on-the-go with the MailChimp app.
Currently uses Klaviyo

Klaviyo can do more advanced automation.

Creating ebooks or anything free will help you collect a lot of email addresses.
You can visit Private Label Extensions to see the free downloads they use to collect emails.
You have to provide value when collecting email addresses or people won’t sign up.
If you just throw something together to get an email and you don’t provide value, once they get an email from you, they’ll never buy.
Zakiyrah has a simple automation flow set up for purchase orders, some people have upwards of 45.
Email can help generate 20-40% more sales.
MailChimp can capture abandoned cart information and send an email, which causes the potential customer to take action.

These emails are very effective.
MailChimp syncs with several apps to pull in more information about the products people are adding to their carts.

In certain email automation platforms, if you just look at a product you’ll get a reminder email – this is called browse abandonment.
Emails that entice people to do a review are also great.

Provide someone an offer if they complete the review.

You need to review and do A/B testing on your emails, you don’t set up your automation flow and then let them run on autopilot.
Send out newsletters during the week and then on Saturday, recreate the campaign and send to people who didn’t open the previous email.

Keep the body the same.
Create a new heading to try to get the person’s attention.
Not as many people open the second email because you don’t send it to as many people.

Don’t be offended by people who unsubscribe.
You want quality people on your email lists vs. quantity.
If you want to get started with Facebook Marketing or Google Display ads marketing, MailChimp makes it easy.

You can create an ad campaign and target people on social who are on your email list.
You can create ads from your emails to retarget people.

Retargeting is extremely important.
Over-produced Instagram stories that look like ads get skipped over. People know they’re getting sold to.
Your newsletters don’t always have to be salesy.

Very rarely should you include products in your newsletters.
Link to an article you write that talks about something you are selling.

When they first started email, they would sell a little bit.
When you send a plain text email, it performs well.

If you have an email that appears salesy, Google will send your email to the promotional tab.

People are less likely to open your email when it lands in that tab.
Once you have a large email list, you can’t send an email to everyone at once.

You need to segment your list and send your email to different segments at different times.
Send a segment every 15 minutes.
Make sure to schedule your emails instead of just using send now.

There has never been a better time to have an online business than right now.

E-commerce is flourishing.
Advertising through social media is still easy.

In a few years, soci


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