Episode – 35 Summary:
On this episode of Hair Biz Radio, Host Zakiyrah and Mikey interview Neema Ali, professional makeup artist, hairstylist and founder of CAU Network and Creating New Faces.

Show Notes:
– About Neema Ali
– She doesn’t rest, God took her through a storm and now she’s back with a whole new outlook.
– In high school her parents had built her a salon in the basement.
– By 11th grade she switched schools and had a business established.
– The salon life in the 90’s wasn’t really for her.
– She started a home-based business and a mobile business.
– She wanted to be a makeup artist for a long time and spoke it into existence.
– She saw an ad in a magazine to be a media makeup artist.
– She moved to L.A. to do a program and she decided she wanted to move to L.A.
– She drove a stolen U Haul across the country to L.A.
– How did you business start in L.A.?
– She went to Vegas first and she hated her job in collections.
– She quit her job there and lived in Vegas on the weekend and work in L.A. during the week.
– She ended up going to several different award shows as a seat filler and doing gifting shows.
– She was never on the journey to work with celebrities.
– She got invited to Nelly’s party and networked all over the place meeting a lot of celebrities.
– The first set she was invited to was Soul Plane.
– Neema talks about her journey with MAC freelancing.
– From 2003-2007 she lived MAC and grew the store.
– She never had training outside of MAC.
– Neema made sure that her artists had opportunity and were taken care of.
– She likes to personality match between artists and their clients.
– How did the CAU Network start?
– CAU stands for Creative Artists Unite
– She did Skype interviews with makeup artists to see their technique.
– It’s a network community that’s here to empower and celebrate.
– Neema likes to help you manage yourself so you learn everything.
– How can you get connected with Neema?
– Instagram @CauNetwork
– CAU Network Website
– How can people register for your course and what are 2-3 things they’ll get out of it?
– Why you should be charging more and valuing yourself.
– Understanding how your makeup represents you is the type of work you’ll get.
– Learning about the business side of makeup – everything from taxes, to LLC, etc.
– Go to EventBrite – Behind the Brush
– What’s one thing you’d tell someone who’s interested in getting into the beauty or hair industry?
– Know thyself first. If you don’t know yourself, then you don’t have direction yet.
– When you know yourself it will lead you in the right direction.
– What products do you swear by?
– Right now she uses Makeup Forever and loves BoxyCharm.
– She doesn’t have a favorite makeup line.

Tweetable Quotes
– Self-taught is the best teaching, it teaches you real life situations.
– At the end of the day I win, because I have to be honest.
– Working with me you have to have a heart, not a motive.

Resources Mentioned
CAU Network Website
Behind the Brush Course August 5th


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