Episode – 32 Summary:
On this episode of Hair Biz Radio, Hosts Zakiyrah and Mikey interview Day Byrd, makeup artist, creative director, and instructor in the beauty industry.

Show Notes:
How did you get started in the industry?
She went to a performance art high school.
The job she chose to support her acting was makeup.
She loved making people feel beautiful.
Her mother sold Mary Kay and she would play in it.
She was in love with Janet Jackson and wanted to do whatever she did.
After school her friends started getting signed and asking her to do their headshots and makeup.
Talk to us about the experience of not going to cosmetology school.
She comes from a cosmetology background.
Every time she tried to go to school she got called to go on tours and do wardrobe.
What are some things that were self-taught?
It used to be a small industry so you could work under people if you had passion.
Her passion and hunger are what attracted people to her.
How did you begin branding yourself?
She went to do makeup at Lennox and at that time they were starting a color company in Victoria’s Secret.
She chose the name Day and it just stuck.
Lesson one was figuring out who she wanted to be.
It took her a while to create a portfolio.
She had a mentor who was a costume designer.
You have to sell the package just by having people look at you.
Did building your brand help you with building your clientele?
Being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest spiritual walks you’ll ever have.
Her slogan was that makeup is her ministry.
Makeup is even more personal than hair because you’re face to face.
What are some tough times that almost made you give up?
It’s happening to her now – she got married and had a child.
A lot of women are her clients but men hired her.
When she got married a lot of the men disappeared.
It’s important to have your core crew of people who help fight with you.
You never make money alone.
The best money opportunities were when she had a group of people who all referred to one another.
You learn other ways of making money so you can give yourself time to revamp.
So many people are caught up in what’s happening that they don’t dig deep.
What are some of your favorite products?
Natural products –
Yogurt and turmeric and turmeric and vaseline are great brighteners.
She loves grapeseed oil, it’s the best moisturizer you can use.
Makeup products-
A lot of Laura Mercier – really good for TV.
Fenty for photoshoots – it’s a little heavier.
How long have you been creative directing, when did you start and what are you working on now?
She’s been doing it from the beginning and likes it better than makeup.
A lot of people don’t understand the chemistry of products.
She and her husband are starting a company called The Byrd House Group.
She wants to help people jump up a notch with what she’s learned from big brands.
What have been some of your biggest, proudest projects you’ve worked on as a creative director or makeup artists.
She’s worked with over 60 different celebrities.
She worked with Nicki Minaj.
It was fun, like walking pop-art.
How have you had to change your marketing strategy over the years?
She wasn’t really on social media working with Nicki Minaj.
Facebook is her core business, but Instagram gets her business too.
You have to know what helps you grow and what’s just a check.
What’s something that sets your courses apart?
They’re 1-1.
She’s trained a lot of makeup artists.
She wants you to understand chemistry and that makeup changes on different individuals.
Where to find her online.
@Muadaybyrd on socialmedia
daybyrd2015@gmail.com email
The business –
When you’re charging people you need to know what the service is for.
She charges according to what the face is worth.
What’s too low of a price for full face makeup?
Nothing’s too low, it depends on what you’re getting.
It depends on the cost of the product.
If you could leave one tip, what would it be?
Find your best you and know you have something to offer.

Tweetable Quotes
–“You have to be a walking billboard for your product or service.”
–“Being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest spiritual walks you’ll ever have.”
–“You never make money alone.”

Resources Mentioned
Day Byrd’s website


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