Episode – 31 Summary:
On this episode of Hair Biz Radio, Hosts Zakiyrah and Mikey talk about how they got started in the hair industry and what Private Label Extensions has going on.

Show Notes:
– How did Mikey and his business partner get into hair?
– His business partner’s girlfriend would go and drop a ton of money at the salon.
– They knew that someone was making a lot of money.
– They looked into selling online and came up with the idea for networking marketing for hair.
– They were going to call it Luxury Hair Direct.
– The multi-level marketing model made it so people spend more time recruiting than selling.
– Talk about the business.
– Who did most of the work on the business?
– Mikey did most of the work.
– He was still working in real estate.
– It’s hard to find good people.
– Zakiyrah did a hair shoot with Luxury Hair Direct before she came to work there.
– In 2016 they came up with the idea for Private Label Extensions.
– The business began to take off.
– Dropship Bundles was born shortly after.
– In 2017 they shut down the Luxury Hair Direct model.
– If you make the barrier to entry too cheap or free with MLM, you have no investment.
– In April 2016 Mikey went full-time into the hair business.
– If you’re thinking about customizing your packaging for your hair brand, look into the custom silk bags.
– There was a lot of grinding to get where they are today.
– What Private Label is doing now.
– Just revamped the Private Label Extensions
– Just revamped Dropship Bundles
– Launched Free Business Tools
– They have terms and conditions.
– They have a new tool for labels in Canva.
– Launched their Facebook group
– Gave away six laptops to aspiring entrepreneurs.
– They gave away hair for prom and bundles in the group.
– They gave away silk bags, logos, and bonnets.
– The blog is ramping up and they’ve added to their team.
– What’s coming up?
– More free tools to help with the hair and lash businesses.
– More styles of hair, more natural hair.
– More motivation for people in the hair business and proper guidance on how to get it done.
– New studio is coming.
– Building the YouTube team.

Tweetable Quotes
– “Sometimes you need someone to show you what’s possible.”
– “In a startup you have to go through the ups and the downs together.”
– “Years four, five, and six in your business is a really important time to stay focused and grow.”

Resources Mentioned
Private Label Extensions


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