Episode – 30 Summary:
On this episode of Hair Biz Radio, Hosts Zakiyrah and Chay interview Julian Lark, fashion expert, celebrity wardrobe stylist, founder of Revel by JL and founder of Kontrol Magazine.

Show Notes:
Who is Julian and what got you started?
He’s a small town boy who used to design since he was little.
He used to create little fashion books and decided after high school to become a fashion designer.
Graduated from American Intercontinental University Buckhead.
What makes a stylist?
You have to be trained, read the magazines, know designers and live in the lifestyle.
Fashion for Julian is strategic.
You need a lot of energy.
What was your journey after college?
He waited tables and didn’t jump right into the industry.
He sat down and decided to create a magazine.
It’s not necessary to have a diploma to enter the industry.
What was your strategy for building relationships?
It’s about loving what you do.
You’re not going to get paid right away, you’ll do a lot of things for free.
Use relationships to ask as many questions as you can.
What was it like starting your magazine?
It was a learning process.
He didn’t know what he was doing when he started out.
He’s constantly learning and paying attention.
He emailed nearly every showroom he had researched to try to get in.
He’s been told no several times, but he continues to reach out.
How did Kontrol Magazine help you catapult in the fashion industry?
It’s been the biggest part of his success.
He told people they couldn’t shoot with the magazine unless he styled them.
Being genuine with people is part of what got him where he is.
The photography is what sets Kontrol Magazine apart.
What was your thought going into launching Revel by JL makeup?
They started with lipsticks and moved into shadow, stains, etc.
He did the magazine for 4-5 years before doing the magazine.
Anytime a celebrity comes in to shoot with Kontrol he uses Revel makeup.
What was one of your favorite spreads for Kontrol, or one that you loved?
Shoot with LaToya Luckett and Antoinette Robertson
Talk to us about the clothing piece of Revel?
Fashion is his number one love.
He launched online and then opened up a physical boutique in midtown.
They launched both guy and girl prints.
Everything in the store is under $100.
He handpicks everything he wants in the store.
What are two things that have stuck with you throughout the process?
Take your time, it will happen when you’re ready.
What are the dangers of expanding before you’re ready?
You don’t understand what you’re getting into.
Sometimes you have to stop and see yourself for who you are.
Remember that you can’t take everybody with you.
You have to look past family and friends and focus on who you’re working for.
How did the Lark Report come about?
Earlier this year he brought people together who he wanted to work with.
He wanted everyone to help each other build their brands.
This group of people helped him launch the Lark Report.
What’s the one thing that sets you apart in fashion?
He pays attention to details and who his client is.
He takes time to look at what people have done and elevate them to the next level.
What was your experience like going to New York fashion week?
He got into the show as an editor and wardrobe artist.
He wrote about the show and took pictures.
He got to see what’s coming as a stylist.
What was the “aha” moment you had that allowed you to grow?
He learned how to take constructive criticism.
What is your biggest client pet peeve?
Clients who want to shop on their own.
When women don’t wear underwear.
Who’s your favorite fashion designer?
High end – Dolce and Gabbana and Alexander McQueen
Kontrol is how he gets people to trust him.
Is there anything new that you’re working on?
They’re taking Kontrol in a new direction.
He’s working on a fashion planner.
Launching Seat at the Table Brunch.
Where do you see everything five years from now?
Kontrol – still putting out great content.
Julian – Speak on more panels and take Revel to the next level.
What’s one piece of advice you can give someone who wants to be in your shoes?
Find your mentor, take them to coffee.
Be honest and transparent.
Always be willing to learn.

Tweetable Quotes
-“Before you can become who you’re supposed to be, you have to do the work.”
-“Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of sacrifice.”
-“If you don’t love what you do, it’s not the industry for you.”
-“Be willing to eat your truth.”

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Julian’s Website


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