Episode – 25 Summary:
During the 25th episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Mikey interview Sandye Lomax of the Beauty Fetish, professional makeup artist, certified eyelash extension expert and educator and licensed hair stylist.

Show Notes:
– How did Sandye get started?
– She had long legs growing up so she started modeling to make her legs work for her.
– Started working for the state of Maryland as a disability specialist because of her brother with epilepsy.
– In her mid-thirties she realized that her passion was making people look and feel good.
– What brought Sandye to Atlanta?
– She had a cousin who lived there and thought she’d like it.
– She came, stayed and built the brand.
– What was the process of choosing a cosmetology school?
– She needed to find a school where she could still travel and grow.
– She did it according to hours.
– What are some self-taught techniques?
– She learned a lot by sitting in the chair.
– She watched how the hairstylists cut for the Paul Mitchell shows she was in.
– The business part of what she does was self-taught.
– What are some of the things that happened when you started your business that felt like you messed it up.
– She used to think you needed to make a certain amount of money before getting an accountant.
– Trying to figure out if it should be an LLC.
– Keep your business and personal card separate.
– They talk about Beauty Fetish, Sandye’s studio in midtown.
– In cosmetology, it’s all about location.
– Mary J. Blige helped her come up with the name beauty fetish.
– What is the process of getting your business started?
– Her studio is a suite, you have to get what works for you.
– She doesn’t have to pay water and lights, most of the time she does bridal hair.
– How are you balancing entrepreneurship?
– She’s still learning, it’s an ongoing battle.
– She’s learning to put herself first and to say no.
– A lot of people, especially new business owners don’t take health as seriously as they should.
– Take time to recharge and get creative again.
– Talk about the difference between lashes?
– Her clientele has moved from celebrities to the everyday woman and cancer survivors.
– You have to learn who can get what type of lashes.
– Lashes start at like a 7 or 8 and go up to an 18 which is very long.
– Sandye customizes lashes for everyone.
– With hybrid lashes you can mix the mink with the synthetic and create a great look.
– How long will individual lashes work for people?
– Our lashes have the same cycle of growth as our hair.
– Don’t be alarmed if you’re getting a full set of lashes and you see one shed tomorrow.
– For some, around 4-5 weeks you’ll be going past the touchup range and into another full set.
– Sandye talks about her training and teaching others in the art of lashes.
– You don’t just come in and learn lashes, there’s so much more too it.
– You have to know what kind of lash to put on a lash.
– You need to learn care, sanitation, anatomy of the eye, etc.
– You can’t just practice on a mannequin, you have to practice on a human.
– What is the experience you’ll get at The Beauty Fetish when you walk in the door?
– It’s a pleasant, secured, private environment.
– It’s warm and inviting in a comfortable environment.
– She has a phone that’s strictly for business, and finding a balance is challenging.
– Sandye talks about the Beauty Fetish Show.
– She wanted to create a platform where people can tell their stories.
– People share their testimonies and stories on the show, but in the end they talk about beauty.
– What’s one of your favorite products you can’t live without?
– A rose lip balm at Sephora.
– Rihanna’s Fenty line, the lip-gloss.
– Lashes – You feel like you can just put on lip balm and go.
– Aveeno cleansing pads.
– Drinking water
– She now sees the difference in her skin.
– Engraved eyeliner by MAC
– What is one tip for someone looking to get into the beauty industry?
– Planning – find out what is going to set you apart from the rest.

3 Key Points
– The training and the tools matter when it comes to lashes.
– Finding balance between life and business and making that clear to clients is challenging, but possible.
– You have to find out what makes you and your brand different – you have to learn the business side.

Tweetable Quotes
– “My mantra is true beauty starts within.”
– “A lot of pressure comes from owning a salon, it’s constant work.”
– “When your body says slow down, you need to learn to slow down.”
– “The average person isn’t wearing 100% mink lashes.”

Resources Mentioned

Beauty Fetish Website


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