Episode 15 Summary
Zakiyrah and Mikey have an engaging interview with recognized Atlanta-based master hair stylist Darius Boone, who shares his history in the hair business – from working for a salon to starting his own. Darius speaks about his focus on expanding his education beyond hair school and teaching himself new skills via Youtube videos on a regular basis.

Darius Boone also speaks about his goals to invest in real estate, his favorite hair techniques, bad habits of clients, advice to become a better hair stylist, and the importance of sharing knowledge.

Show Notes:
● Zakiyrah advises that it is important to keep yourself motivated beyond the immediate hype of your January New Years resolutions.
● Darius Boone discusses how he got in the hair business during college when he was a barber, then doing $50 hair weaves.
● Hair school teaches you how to be professional, but you have to keep studying your craft outside of school and practicing.
● Darius’ first salon job was in 2013 for 2 ½ years, but he is in his own salon now.
● Some of the hardships that come with being in your own salon include: having to be responsible for others and the financial responsibilities.
● Darius’s goals for the future: investing in land and real estate, to have 5 properties by the time he is 35 to be able to do hair because he wants to and not to pay his bills.
● Hair techniques that Darius’ enjoys include closures. He feels that frontals don’t last more than 7 days and they are high maintenance.
● Habits that hairstylists hate for their clients to do include not coming to the salon with your natural hair and not following directions.
● Mikey recommends creating videos to answer common questions to decrease the amount of customer service questions that arise.
● Darius’s advice: take your time, do your research, do not quit, and write any goals you have down.
● Stop trying to charge people for everything, and help people.
● Many hair vendor lists are filled with random junk companies. It is important to do research and not expect instant answers.
● Don’t just gain new knowledge – apply it.

3 Key Points
1. The salon suites rental business is booming.
2. Frontals are problematic because they require lots of maintenance and don’t last long.
3. Don’t stop learning. Keep educating yourself.

Tweetable Quotes
– “Make sure you stay connected to why you created that hair business.” – Zakiyrah.
– “The problem with social media is that it glorifies and “glamifies” being your own boss… it is totally a highlight reel.” – Mikey.
– “We’re such independent creatures that nobody wants to work underneath anybody else.” – Darius Boone.
– “I work in a building with 25 other stylists, and we are all paying $1,200 a month.” – Darius Boone.
– “Frontals are supposed to start balding after like 30 days.” – Zakiyrah.
– “Learn. Plan. Execute.” – Darius Boone.
– “New levels…new devils.” – Darius Boone.

Resources Mentioned
● HairUniversity.co – Hair classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● Zakiyrahficklin.com – Zakiyrah’s website
● The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s planner to plan for success
● Darius Boone – Website for Darius Boone
● Darius’ Instagram – Instagram for Darius Boone


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