Episode – 37 Summary
On this episode of Hair Biz Radio, Host Zakiyrah interviews Lisa Jennings founder of Bouji Lip Cosmetics about how she built her brand and how she got into the beauty world.

Show Notes:
– About Lisa Jennings
– She’s always been interested in the beauty world.
– She would get lip glosses at the beauty supply store, but she mixed multiple colors.
– She got sick with a blood disorder and couldn’t work – so she decided to make her own lip product.
– What were your go-to products in the beginning?
– Just lip gloss at the beginning.
– She never tried to overdo it.
– When did you first create Bouji Lip Cosmetics?
– About a year ago she started researching good vendors, etc.
– Her sister said that the name described Lisa.
– The ingredients in the product are important.
– She went from New York to Canada to L.A to find a vendor.
– Ask questions – each company has a manager, supervisor, or boss – you want to ask questions of the owner.
– You have to sample products.
– Did you start off just wanting to do a lippie?
– No, the apparel just starting coming along naturally.
– She started to get customers who didn’t wear a lip, so she expanded the products.
– What’s your go-to foundation to go with your products?
– Covergirl or MAC.
– The Bouji foundation is coming out shortly.
– What do you think about celebrities that come out with products?
– It’s the brand that makes people get behind the product.
– What are you doing to get your brand out there?
– She does a lot of vending and events.
– She does a lot of emailing and she pitches her stuff.
– Where do you want the brand to go?
– Billboards, commercials, everywhere.
– She wants to do movement walks.
– Do you take advantage of giving celebrities your products?
– She did, but she’s gotten a lot of connections and doesn’t have to do that anymore.
– What obstacles did you encounter starting your brand?
– Handling initial rejection, don’t take it personally.
– She still works her 8-5 job on top of her brand.
– What’s one of your favorite products in your line?
– Her Matte lipstick named Role Model, or Superstar.
– Talk more about building the brand.
– If you have a newer iPhone you can take some marketing pictures with it.
– You have to have a specific marketing budget.
– She does a lot with stories on social media.
– Did you get a lot of support from your family when you first started?
– When she started they thought it was just cute.
– When she started getting invited to private celebrity events they got more excited about it.
– There are always blurred lines between stranger, friend, and family support.
– Talk about what looking for labeling was like.
– You have to have something that’s catchy.
– Less is best.
– She still kind of plays with logos.
– What’s one thing that you’ve learned that you’ll always carry with you in your business?
– She thought she could do it by herself, but you really need a team.
– A team helps you create vision.
– PR and management are where Lisa put most of her money.
– How do you get someone to buy into your vision?
– People come and go.
– You have to have the mindset that business is business.
– Trusting people can be hard
– What’s one tip to get into the beauty industry.
– Just do it.
– Just try it, it doesn’t hurt to say you’ve been there.
– Find her online
– Social media: everything is @boujilipcosmetics
– boujilipcosmetics.com

Tweetable Quotes
– “Not only am I creating a line, I’m creating a movement for women and girls.”
– “Everything I’m doing is meant for me.”
– “Don’t quit your job until you’re at a place to be able to quit.”
– “Use your job to fund your dreams.”

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